Steel Racks

Steel Racks made of Slotted Angle shall be fabricated from steel corfirming to IS : 226/1975, or IS : 4030/1973, or IS : 808/1964 . Its size ( for racks ) shall be 40 x 40 x 3 mm. It shall have 8 mm holes provided at 50 mm center to center. No specific length of slotted angle is given in the specifications.

Our Slotted angles confirms to the above noted IS specifications in respect to steel and its holes. Considering its multipurpose uses, we have reduce the distance between the holes, which increases the number of bolting positions in an angle, without effecting its load bearing capacity.

Here we are displaying only few types of racks We can manufacture racks as per your Designs also

Skeleton Rack
Enclosed Rack
Pigeon Hole Rack
Semi Enclosed Rack
Panel Frame Rack